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From Our Customers

It's so awesome to be taught by someone who cuts through all the BS. I have a whole lot of changes to make in my systems because Armand reminded me of one of the most important fundamental marketing principles: Make decisions based on what you KNOW not what you BELIEVE. Stop relying on other people's test results and blindly accepting "expert" advice on the best way to do things. Take action on what Armand taught us - WITHOUT changing the system - then when you have measurable results, test changes to see what works best for your business. So after the next session, it's off to record some videos and create a whole heck of a lot of optin pages. Thank you, Armand, for the best WebCamp yet and for the sleep I'll be missing over the next week smile emoticon!
SaRita Hartin
I would just like to personally thank Armand for this training. It is far and away the absolute best training I have ever attended. The amount of material that you have included in this program is beyond expectation. And... the way in which you presented it with progressive building blocks has allowed me to come away with more information and some many great tips than I could have hoped for.
Esateys Stuchiner
Awesome information! My coach, Rhea Perry has been telling me you've been her mentor for years -- I see why! I see that I have to really work on my follow up emails after my webinar! Launching a program now - will definitely put your methods into effect! Thank you!
Nancy Alexander
Ladybug Wreaths
Your distinction between the different lead generation methods were eye opening! I love the way you incorporate the human factor. Thank you Armand!
Martha A. Sanchez
Thank you Armand Morin you just gave me the keys to the city with your explanation of how off-line businesses should be spending their marketing budgets while maximizing their sales. So truly simple, but pure sold gold. My clients our going to love this coupled with the 30X Sales Strategy. Thanks you, my rates are going up from Monday.
Kieron Lyons Internet Marketing
I cannot believe the indepth information that Armand Morin is sharing about his 30x System. I can finally pull all of the pieces together and be able to duplicate what he is teaching! Thank you so much Armand!
Joyce Jagger
The Embroidery Coach
Armand, I come every time to your amazing three day seminars. You make the most complicated information so easy to understand. And you are so encouraging, inspiring and humorous. This morning, your talk on doing calculated and informed bulk advertising blew my mind. Now I know why my “one at a time adds did not work“. I certainly had a dramatic mind shift. Thank you!
Doreen Richmond
Armand Morin is a master communicator that provides incite to how to fuel your passion and nurture your vision. His new format of teaching about opt in pages and pay per click information will incite a seismic shift in doing on line advertising.
Cherryl Bundy
OMG! Armand Morin just hit another home run again! This was such a breakthrough for my biz! Learning this 30X applied to PPC adv. makes so much sense, as you clearly outlined it. I love how you break down the complex and make it easy, to not only understand, but most importantly - to implement!
Martha Snee
Armand is phenomenal. His explanations are simple and just in case you don't understand it he repeats the scenario to make sure you understand it. I have never run an ad, but now I understand how to leverage ads using different keyword phrases to draw traffic to my products.
Eileen Roth
Armand Morin always makes the difficult simple when it comes to Online Marketing. I finally understand how to apply keywords, Optimization and use WordPress, all at once!
Luisa Vilchez
Peak Potentials
30X Strategy is changing my business model. Just using one of the techniques I learned today, I have opened up a totally new line of business that has millions of searches versus a few hundred in my old target market. Just a little retooling on my info tools and this new option should increase my profits 30-fold! Thanks for this business-building workshop!
V Karen Miller
The biggest revelation for me was the idea of pre-framing your product from your first contact with a prospect right through an opt-in page, then to the sales letter and then to the follow up sequence. So when you "enter the conversation that is going on in the prospect's mind", they are already looking to buy your product. You don't have to sell, just take the order. Brilliant!
Chef Marty Rich
Once again Armand's turning marketing thinking on its head! Like all the best things, 30x is simple, yet immensely powerful. More importantly, it doesn't take a megabucks piece of software to implement, unlike many 'new' strategies.
Stephen Moore
Wow, you have always been a trend-setter in Internet Marketing, Armand - and you've done it again - your 30x marketing system has changed Internet Marketing forever! I can already see how it can change my marketing. It is very rare to get these kind of details from IM teachings and you give it all, all the elements of an optin page, the elements of a landing page and a power point video as you build the marketing system right in front of us - its like watching something grow.
Candi Parker
Hi this is James Malinchak featured on ABC’s hit TV show The Secret Millionaire and is author of the top-selling book Millionaire Success Secrets and founder of BigMoneySpeaker.com. I have been in this information marketing space for 20 years. I have seen a ton of Internet marketers. I’ve sifted through all of them out there and all of the stuff to finally get to Armand Morin. I hired Armand for consulting and went to his house. He blew my socks off and totally revolutionized what we are going to do in our business. I was so amazed by it, I joined his AM2 mastermind right away. I’m a happy member and will be a member for a very long time. Not only that, I bring my key team members to the mastermind with me. I wouldn’t miss a mastermind. He taught us strategies in literally 5 minutes that we had been learning from others for months and years and it usually never worked. The stuff we learned from Armand works. We literally put it into practice right then and there and things just started to work and happen for us. I am telling you, there are a lot of great people out there who have a lot of great information. But if you want the King - the cream of the crop, in my opinion, if you want the best Internet marketer teacher out there, in my opinion (and if you know me, you know I do not say these things lightly), it’s Armand Morin. Look no further! Do whatever you have to do to join his mastermind or hire him for a consulting just to get around him. I mean this sincerely, he is one of the most brilliant Internet minds that I have ever met. Not only that, my team agrees! I’ve got to tell you this as well… His staff and team are amazing. You want to talk about customer service? They epitomize what exceptional customer service is all about. They are phenomenal with email, they are phenomenal with every detail you can imagine and they take care of you. Not only do they take care of you but they go overboard to serve you. I cannot say enough great things about Armand Morin and his great team. Join up with Armand today - you will be so grateful and thankful you did!
James Malinchak
I had been feeling unmotivated, frustrated and bored with my own business for a long time. The dreaded R-word - retirement - was being mentioned. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Armand and even told the colleague who encouraged me to join AM2, “I hope he won’t expect me to work too hard.” Within a few weeks of joining the program, my energy had shifted. Being part of this is how I’d imagine being a walk-on in the NBA and discovering you’re on a pro team getting coached by Phil Jackson. It’s a lot more than the x’s and o’s! My colleague had told me, “Armand wants you to succeed,” and she was right. He’s very patient about helping people find the intersection between a viable business model and a business that fits your skills, preferences and style. In the last month I’ve revised my website, sales letters, videos and my whole way of thinking about marketing. Best of all, I actually enjoy what I’m doing for the first time in ages - something I never expected to happen.
Cathy Goodwin
After working with Armand for a year I can tell you he genuinely cares about his students and goes the extra mile to help you succeed. If you have the kindling (idea) and the flame (commitment) he will show you how to build a furnace (reoccurring revenue). For years I was an internet marketing voyeur. Took classes from this one and that one. Kept me fired up and full of ideas while I worked my day job and bided my time. The biggest take away from all those conferences and trainings was when I was ready to launch my online business Armand would be my coach. Armand teaches what he practices rather than high level theory. He is white hat all the way which is important to me. He has a global classroom yet a system that makes him personally accessible to his students which is rare in his industry. Most want you in their flock, but they don’t want to have to deal with you. Not Armand. Relationship is important to him. I could tell you about my Facebook advertising campaign results, my videos that are #1 on Google and YouTube for my targeted key words, great webinar conversion rates, the money I am making from my website, the book I am about to publish, and the traffic for my website which I personally created and manage, but you won’t remember all that. What you may remember is after 20 years as an entrepreneur in a service arena, and 10 years in corporate HR I am now a 60 year old woman living my dream as an internet publisher. And it is all thanks to Armand. How cool is that?
Suzanne Travers
Career Game Changer a Store Talent Divsion
Armand, I want take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the great support that you have provided. As well is the first-class one-on-one sessions, the trainings, and the group calls, the element that I valued most of all was being able to send you a query on any topic relating to my business - whether it be technical or with respect to marketing, or setting up websites or method of operation - and to receive a carefully-worded and helpful reply, generally within 24 hours. This "Rolls-Royce" level of support has meant a great deal to me, as I am sure it has to all the other members. Thank you once again, Regards, Leigh Wilson
Leigh Wilson
Master Executive Coach, International Author & Speaker
Hi Armand, I just wanted to send a quick thank you email for last month’s MIT training on sending out email campaigns. I do have regular-ish email promotions and occasional sales, but I hadn’t tried a set of emails over 7 days before – just kept it to 3-4 emails over a week, without the countdown at the end. I took your advice this last week, and had a sale of my patterns on Cd-Rom. It was a half-price sale, but I sent out 6 emails over the 7 days, and had a really good response. I’ve made just over $3000 which was a nice cash injection about now. Had to laugh – I even had an email from one lady who said she’d resisted for so long, and finally my emails wore her down and she just had to buy! Thanks for the reminder to just keep promoting things to my list, and it’ll be a regular monthly activity from now on!
Jody Anderson
I just wanted to say a HUGE THANKS! It is the best mentoring program that I have been a part of - and I've been a part of lots! It has helped me clean up so much of what I have been doing to build our business moving forward. After years of following different mentors and different internet marketing programs, this is the first program where I feel like I am actually achieving something and making progress forward. I have more clarity and more defined practices that allow me to look forward to 2014, instead of feeling constantly under-pressure and overwhelmed. I just love everyone who is involved in it and the growth I've experienced from being a part of it. I can't say enough how much I value this program! With Gratitude Terriane Palmer-Peacock
Terriane Palmer-Peacock
I joined Armand to get a handle on holding myself back and to play a bigger game! I have been blown away by the content and the opportunities to speak directly with Armand to get my questions answered, right away and all the time! The training, the system and the step by step instructions have made it so easy to keep up with the training and still maintain my busy lifestyle. I look forward to the training calls (live if my schedule allows, or recorded if I need time to catch up) and then I set blocks of time to implement what I learn. I would highly recommend this training system to anyone who is serious about stepping up and taking their business to the next level. My results have paid for the investment and I am only 4 months in. Armand Over Delivers!! Thank you Armand, and big thanks to your team as well for their outstanding support and encouragement! Success is more than a possibility with Armand Morin on your side! Thank you Armand!! Thank you "team'!!
Helen Raptoplous
Last weekend our Class in North Carolina was, simply amazing! Armand, the training is spectacular! We were blown away by the personal time given us, and amazed at how much was said to other people and their projects that also applied to our project.
Marilee Troutman
Over the last 2 years I have spent well over $30,000 on internet marketing courses. Many of these, I am sad to say, were big ticket items with very little quality education. I was simply blown away by Armand and his team. I can honestly say I received more actionable big bang insights in this course than I have in all those other programs combined. Where Armand and his team excel is in the completeness of what they teach. They teach the high level stuff, but unlike the other courses that stop there and give no actionable details, they also show you the step by step. Most importantly they uncover the hidden blocks holding you back from more revenue. Things it would take years of experience in the trenches to figure out. Armand and his team are simply phenomenal. These guys/girls are simply the most knowledgeable, generous peeps in the internet business.
Jade Teta
After 3 years of online training I was beginning to think I would not find the missing pieces and the clear direction....it was like a free fall in new territory. I loved the simple approach and the list to follow!! Armand's generosity and wisdom is more than the best! Thanks again...you made it fun and easy to understand. I can do!!!
Elizabeth Harrison
Accord Psychological, Inc
I have implemented into my business what Armand suggested though, and it's going really well. I've made $100,000 in earnings so far!
Cydney O'Sullivan
I've learned so much from you, Armand, and everyone on your team. I love being a part of such and amazing program and I thank you all for your energy and efforts and all that you do.
Patty Rose Slater
Inspired Success Daily
This has been the best investment to market my business – EVER! I wanted to learn how to sell my author products and services online so I went to the best: Armand Morin – the expert and leader in selling online. I purchased Armand’s coaching program because I wanted leadership, mentoring, accountability and support as well as outstanding and successful experience in selling products online. Armand’s program does exactly that. The private call with Armand that begins your program was worth the price of the program alone! His advice on marketing my event increased my revenue by 5 times! Just a couple of simple strategies that he shared with me changed everything. Armand’s knowledge of creating products and selling them online is unmatched. The monthly training and live Q&A calls with Armand are invaluable. Asking Armand my own questions as well as listening to the other professionals in my group has been instrumental in moving forward with selling my live events, creating my membership site, writing the perfect sales letter, and learning how to make my WordPress websites powerful sales tools. Going to Armand house for 3 days of learning has been incredible. My private “Hot Seat” was the best coaching session I have ever experienced. Armand makes it fun, productive and the sessions are filled with tools, tips, strategies and best business practices. He shares everything to help you succeed and truly cares about his clients. The AM2 program is worth many times the investment. Thank you Armand! Your raving fan, Ann McIndoo Author’s Coach
Ann McIndoo
So You Want To Write!
It's been a scramble, but after being under contract twice, I finally sold the lodge in New Hampshire and have moved back to Massachusetts to publish my book, Boxes. Thanks for your help, first in marketing the lodge, then in helping me discover in your talk on New Year's Eve that I need to do what I love. So, as of a few days ago I'm a full time writer! Thanks again, Jeanette
Jeanette Scales
Answering the $64 million dollar question of 'how can I do this Internet thing?' was answered by Armand Morin in just a handful of minutes during our 1:1 consultation. You see the time had arrived for me to find a solution that would allow me to take what I know and turn it into an automatic cash machine on-line. Armand, asked me to tell him what I had done previously. To make the most of our time together I'd prepared in advance for our meeting, after all time is money. I was able to give him a potted history of my working career up to the time I'd retired! I didn't beat around the bush, I dived straight in and told him the ups and downs of my life including why I didn't want to repeat the exact same process I'd deployed to reach my previous successes and my vision for my future as a Baby Boomer. He did what any professional coach would do — he listened. Then he served up on a place exactly 'how' I could rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of disability, financial loss and retirement to on-line success. Thank you Armand but more importantly I'm so glad I decided to join AM2 and apply myself to creating a future I know I deserve.
PaTrisha-Anne Todd
I'm now back in the family! Boom! Also show Armand this screen shot for instant cash flow - we are kicking ass on this now with 41 subscribers some paying $47 per month, some paying $97. All Thanks to AM2!
Paul Marr
Online World
Excellent presentation. I really like and appreciate that Armand goes over every button and explains what it does, why or why not and most importantly, when to use each feature. This makes a huge difference to me. I like it that I can access the recording and look at the notes he created. I have always had a challenge with A/B testing, this was well done, clearly explained. I feel confident I can do it for myself. Huge value. Thank you!
Ann McIndoo
So You Want To Write!
Just giving an update as a Silver member who started a week ago...I watched tubesyphon and did EXACTLY what Armand said to do with my title/descrip/tags on my most popular videos, which for the last couple of months have not had hardly any viewers. In just 12 hours, I had 600 NEW viewers and one ebook sale! I am now applying this to my top 20 popular videos! I also launched a 3 day event a la Armand....had 6 Silver members sign up at $47 and 1 $97 Gold Member. Only 81 more Gold Members to reach my monthly goal! I'm on my way. Thanks Armand - your methods actually work! After 5 years of struggling, I feel more confident that I have a system that will help me reach my goals.
Judy Seeger
Healthy Food For Healthy Living
In all of my years online I've not connected with some one so giving of their time and knowledge than Armand Morin. He explains things in away that anyone can understand. Armand is always ahead of the game when it comes to business and marketing strategies so by following his training and putting that training into action you as well will be ahead of the game. Armand, thanks and keep doing what you're doing.
Frank Deardurff
That One Web Guy!
Hi, this is Alan from ReedsDairy.com. I took everything that Armand taught and have found tremendous success. It was just amazing the results I got and the things I was able to do. I continue to grow as I continue to use Armand’s teachings. (His training) has been a tremendous success for me and truly worth being a member of. I encourage anyone to become a member.
Alan Reed
I have been a member for almost two years now. The weekly training has been a valuable resource for me. One element that has been invaluable for me are the insights, tips, and learnings (I got, which) have helped me save significant valuable time. This is the best investment I have made in my business.
Josef Mack
I can't tell you how much I have learned from Armand Morin and his program. He has been there, done that, and knows what works and what doesn't. His motto is 'success leave traces' and it's true. You get an education that you simply cannot find elsewhere. When Armand Morin speaks, I listen. Thanks Armand so much for your program and your insights.
Christina Hills
Before I joined Armand's program, I bought many programs but I was scattered with no clear direction. Even with 20+ years as a business consultant I still couldn't get focused. Until I became a member, that is. Studying the materials finally brought it all home for me. I am now focused, moving forward quickly and fully expect to meet my business goals. I highly recommend Armand Morin's programs.
Jean Starling, MBA
I set myself a certain financial monthly goal. Thanks to the awesome training we get, my first venture immediately surpassed my financial goal by far and the rest are following close behind in revenue. Thanks to Armand, my sales just keep going up. I learn something new each day from the training that increases my income. There is nothing special about me, anyone can do this! All it requires is that you take action and follow the training!
Vicki Conley
By simply implementing one idea I received during a session, I've been able to transform my floundering online 'hobby' into a thriving profitable business! When I stop and think about all of the additional benefits of Armand's courses, events and professional interaction I've received as a result of being a member, the ROI becomes incalculable."
Dan O'Connor
The trainings have been pivotal to the growth of my business. Just one tip literally multiplied my business in a matter of weeks. When I implemented some specific action steps, not only did I cut my time down, but I've seen profits go through the roof per interview. That's for one, single interview. And the best part is, that's only the first piece I've put into place.
Heather Seitz
Armand is way ahead of the pack when it comes to Internet strategies and how to create and leverage all the different ways that you can use the Internet to monetize your business. Because Armand is always out there digging and testing, he knows what works and why it works, and he shares all. He’s very transparent.
Lisa Suttora
Armand taught me the basics of how to make money on the Internet and took me from no online products to having 26 for sale online less than a year later. Armand has literally helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Ray Edwards
I have to tell you, Armand Morin gets my full endorsement as far as his ability to know exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to teaching you how to build your online business. I don’t know anyone who’s smarter or brighter at figuring stuff out, finding the cool tools and learning how to use them, than Armand.
Jim Edwards