Advertise in Ezines and Newsletters

Advertise in Ezines and Newsletters – Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 26

Make a List of Ezines or Newsletters that I Could Buy Ads In

You want to advertise in Ezines and Newsletters. I would do my research first, as always. I would go to Google, MSN, and Yahoo, and I would find newsletters or Ezines that I could buy ads in. Ezines are great. The fact is that most people don’t do this anymore, but this is still a very viable way to advertise in both newsletters and ezines.

A “Solo Ad” is an ad which is sent out to subscribers to an ezine, but without any other content. It’s basically a special issue of an ezine which contains only a single ad. They can be more effective than ads embedded within normal ezines because solo ads have the readers’ undivided attention. Not all advertisers offer this, but it’s worth looking into as you might pay only a small amount to go out to a large subscriber base.