Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 11

Make a List of What My Competitors Have

As we go through the list of things I would do if I was starting over, you will see a lot of what I would do is wrapped around my competition. In this case, when I say make a list of what they have, I am not only talking about their product, but what do they have?

Here’s what I mean.

  • What other products do they have?
  • What do their products do?
  • What are the price points for the products?
  • What domains do they own?
  • What kind of websites do they have (as in what do their websites look like)?
  • What kind of support system do they have?
  • Are they using a ticket based desk or email for customer support. We use a ticket desk which is far better for tracking purposes, but many people just use an email.
  • What makes them what they are?

List out everything you can about each and every one of your competitors. Each list may take a full sheet of paper, maybe not. This depends on what each one may have and the level of competition they are to you. Knowing your competition and what you are up against is extremely important when it comes succeeding in your market place.