Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 2

Create My Brand

This one is very important if you are creating a business. While a logo is not all that encompasses a brand, it’s a good place to start. Whether your name is your brand or you have a completely separate company name, you must have a logo.

As you know, I use my name as my brand. Even my company name, Armand Morin Network, includes my name. Donald Trump does the same thing. Trump is the brand, but he has a unique logo made up of a crest. Oprah is another example of a great brand. The ‘O’ in Oprah is written in a very specific way and that’s a great brand.

What you want to look at is how to brand you and/or your name if you are the brand. Sometimes you may want to brand your company. That’s okay too.

I have created brands and logos for each and every individual one of my companies, as well as my own personal one. So, when it comes with your brand, I’d start with a logo. There are several places I recommend when looking for designing a logo. has a supply of stock logos as well as a bidding service to have multiple designers give you their take on what your logo should look like. If you prefer a more personal relationship with your designer, a company I have worked with on many branding items for my various companies is Branded For Success.