Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 8

Create a Press Release Marketing Plan

Press releases are not only for big companies. You should write a press release for almost everything you do. Keep this resource — You will hear a lot of marketers talk about PRWeb, but I recommend

PRWeb is great, but something happens with companies after a while. They start off reasonably priced and then it seems like after they become more successful, they get greedy and start raising prices. PRWeb kind of has done that. If you want a full submission to all of their services, you’ll pay $350 to $400 or somewhere in that range.

With, you can get a submission to all the basic places for $25 to start with. You can increase that I think at a maximum of about $150. They’re getting a lot of attraction right now, even though hardly anyone talks about them.

Write a press release about everything you do. For example, you could write to announce the launch of your blog. That would be an easy one. If I were writing one based on my blog, it might start with something like, “40-year old Man from Raleigh, North Carolina Releases Easy, Simple to Understand Ways to Success on” Then I would write the rest of the press release.

If you don’t know how to write a press release that’s okay. Here’s what you do. You go to this website, You type in these words: how to write a press release? You’ll get plenty of examples. If you think I’m kidding, I’m not, that’s how you do it. It’s actually that easy.

If you don’t know how to do something, go to Google and type “how to do…” Seriously — I do it just about every day. I click on the links until I find one that actually looks good. I read it. I look to see if they’re credible as far as who’s giving the information and then I have the answer. That’s it. That’s how you figure out how to write a press release.