Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 9

Buy All My Competitor’s Products

You want to know as much about your competitors as you possibly can, so I would make a list of all my competitors, and then buy all of their products.

I want to clarify that if they have a $5,000 product or product line that adds up to thousands of dollars, I wouldn’t spend $5,000 on it, but I would buy at least a sample of each and every one of my competitors  products to find out exactly what they re doing and to find out what type of information they re giving. I also want to find out how they re delivering it and find out the experience that people have when they purchase it.

You want to find out everything there is to know about each product.  I would go through each product to find out:

•          What they have

•          What they don’t have

•          What I like about them

•          What I don’t like about them.

•          What they re missing

I’d literally make a list of all these things. This will show you exactly how you can improve on what s already out there. This gives you the advantage on the market place.