Create a Series of Ads

Create a Series of Ads – Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 25

Create a Series of Ads to Run on the Ad Networks

When I say ad networks, I mean Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Earlier, I had you create accounts on them and now it’s time to create a series of ads. These are small classified ads. They are four lines and approximately 35 characters wide. That’s it.

Let’s be more specific. I would actually create two ads because I would place the same ads in each one of those networks, and I would split test between the two.

Inside the various systems, they rotate so that one ad runs part of the time and the other ad the other part of the time, then I would find out which one is the better ad.

Once I found the winner I’d create a new ad after that. Then test it again, let it run and see which one got the most clicks and change it again. I would repeat that process over and over.