Create a Website for Your Product

Create a Website for Your Product  – Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 24

Create a Website for Your Product With: an Opt-in Page, a Sales Letter, an Upsell Page and an Upsell on the Thank You Page

Why four pages? Because that has proven to be a very profitable system in the past. Here’s how it works.

The opt-in page is used to capture the name and email address. Simple enough.

The sales letter is where I sell the product.

The upsell page offers the buyer the option to buy a second product while they are purchasing the first. So, when they go to order or buy the product, I would ask them to buy an additional product at that particular point in time.

The upsell on the thank you page is where I would ask them to buy something else after they’ve purchased.

Most people don’t maximize the amount of money they’re making on sales. When you go to order something through Amazon here’s what happens, as you place something into your cart, you get a notice that says, hey, people who purchased this product have also purchased this product or these other products. Then you have the choice to add them to your cart.

If it’s good enough for a multi-billion dollar company, shouldn’t you do it as well?

Yes, you should. It’s not that hard!