Determine Product Length

Decide if All this Information Will be One Product or Two Products – Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 20

Often what happens is when you start putting your product together you find out that it is too much information to be in just one product.

Lets face it, people don’t want to sit through a ton of information in one sitting.

It used to be that people wanted books that were 300 – 400 pages, now-a-days they are more inclined to buy books that are around 180 to 200 pages. People don’t want, or have time to sit and watch 2 hour videos, they may only want to watch 45 minute ones instead.

So evaluate your product and make sure that you product has enough information to fully accomplish it’s goal, but make sure that it is also easy to digest and follow and don’t be afraid to break into multiple products if necessary.