Join All the Forums in My Industry

Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 14 – Join All the Forums in My Industry

Note that I said, “join all the forums.” I didn’t say participate in them. I’m not a big proponent on participating, but I would at least join all the forums because I want to log in and see exactly what the industry is actually saying.

I want to see what people are saying, what they’re posting to the forum and, more importantly, what questions are they asking in that forum. Remember, the questions are the most important part to me.

Many people don’t want to join forums because they think a lot of time will get tied up with them. Trust me; it doesn’t take a lot of time to scroll through and see what others are saying, and the time will be well worth it if you come away with new ideas for products you can offer the market.

I also like to see who is actually responding to the questions, what they’re saying and if they’re right or wrong (in my opinion).

I would join forums and message boards on whatever your topic is. If you go to Google and type in your topic and the word forum, or your topic and then “message board’” you’ll find ones that are pertinent to your particular industry.