Make a Complete List of What I Feel the Industry Wants

Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 16 – Make a Complete List of What I Feel the Industry Wants

(based upon the research that I’ve been doing)

The research I’m talking about is from the information you have collected earlier as we talked about in this report such as going to events and seminars, following the forums and message boards, reading competitors’ blogs and looking at the comments on their blogs.

Based on that research, I would make a list of what I feel the industry actually wants. Notice that I didn’t say I would make a list of what I want to give them. I think this is another mistake people make.

They make the mistake of thinking what they want is the same thing as what the customer wants. They will say I have this or, worse yet, I have this already so I’m going to give this to them.

I don’t care if you have it already. It doesn’t really matter. If you give the customer what they actually want then you’re guaranteed to get sales.

If you give them a product based on your wants or based on the fact you already have it done so it’s easier, you run the risk of no one buying it.

I don’t care how much time and energy you put into a product; if it’s the wrong product, don’t use it. Give them what they want. Don’t dictate what they want. Let them tell you, and then just give it to them.

This is the easiest way to do business and make sales each and every day.