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From: Armand Morin
Re: Never Buy Another Traffic Course Again

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve just created a great product which you’ve poured your time, sweat and tears into. You start by sending an email to your list and are pleasantly surprised that you received a few sales. After your email promotion, your sales all of a sudden drop off to next to nothing. But, because you’re a good student of Internet Marketing, you figure out real quick the reason why sales have dropped off is that your traffic has dried up to almost nothing.

Depressing isn’t it?

After Your Traffic Has Dried Up What Do You Do?

Like most people, you start searching for answers.

In your quest to get more traffic you find comfort that there are courses out there teaching you how to get traffic. EUREKA! Your prayers have been answered. So you take the plunge and lay down your hard earned money on what promises to be an amazing traffic system, only to find out, a week later the system stops working. At this point you’re getting frustrated.

Back to the grindstone, you buy another traffic course. This one is different. The strategy is new and amazing and they have great testimonials so, how can you go wrong? Right?

Again, you put down the cash to quickly get your hands on this new traffic method. Now the issue is, it wasn’t as easy as was promised. It takes days to setup and you find the return for all your hard work is mediocre at best.

Worst yet, you’re in the exact same position as when you started. At some point the cycle has to stop.

Let Me Ask You a Question… How Good Would It Feel
If You Never Had To Buy Another Traffic Course Ever Again?

Imagine this… wouldn’t it be amazing instead of you having to buy another traffic course every month, you could simply open up your own personal rolodex of high quality traffic generating sites and magically overnight have 500, 1000 or even 5000 visitors the very next day.

Think about that for a moment –Never having to buy another traffic course again and having your own personal tested traffic sources to turn to.

What would that be like?

“Loved the BYO Traffic Course!”

Unlike so many of the traffic courses on the market, Armand approached this course with the idea of making us independent of every little “traffic trick” that comes into our inbox. And he achieved that with flying colors!

Not only did I learn specific how-to’s I applied today, but I learned how to locate, research, and use ANY traffic source available online. If you’re serious about getting more traffic to your sites, take this course.

Jeanette S. Cates, PhD

Imagine Having Your Own High Quality Traffic Rolodex
Allowing You To Turn On a Flood of Traffic Any Time You Want!

Let me tell you a story.

I am sick and tired. Yeah, I said it. I am sick and tired of all the hype around traffic courses which simply don’t work and are basically ripping people off every single day. Maybe you’re one of the people who have the same thoughts. Ask yourself this one question…

If All The Traffic Courses You Ever Bought Worked So Well,
Then Why In The World Are You Even Reading This Page?

Sure there are always exceptions. Maybe you want specific training on a specific traffic method and you want to shortcut your learning, that’s understandable. But to continuously go out and buy course after course after course is honestly a little insane. Yet, people everyday go out and do it.

So instead of just sitting here bitching and moaning, I decided to put my money and time where my mouth is. I spent 6 hours with my own students, just like you from around the world and created a training unlike you’ve ever seen. You see, I added a unique twist to this training which has been the missing element of any course out there. I’ll talk about that in a minute.

What Is The BYOT Traffic System?

That’s a good question. This system is 6 hours of intense training on exactly how to drive massive traffic to your websites… anytime you want to. Unlike a lot of other courses out there, I give you real world examples and walk you through everything step by step.

byot-boxerInside You’ll Learn All The Major Traffic Strategies…on the market. This is extremely in-depth and I show you exactly how to utilize every traffic resource.

  • PPC Networks
  • PTC Networks
  • PPV/CPV Networks
  • Classifieds
  • Blog Traffic
  • FaceBook
  • Bing Traffic
  • YouTube
  • Plus… much more!

“I Am Very Excited About The BYOT Traffic Course!”

There is so much information inside of this course that it is mind blowing! I am one of those that has purchased so many courses trying to learn how to get traffic to my website and if this course would have been available to me, it would have saved me thousands of dollars.

The detail is incredible. That is the one piece that all of the other courses leave out. They are never complete. Nothing is left out in BYOT. Armand Morin absolutely over delivers and I am so grateful to him for creating it. Thank you Armand. You have really made a difference in my business!

Joyce Jagger
The Embroidery Coach

What Makes BYOT Different Than Any Other Traffic Course?

There are many reasons why BYOT is so unlike others on the market. First, with each method. I’m not talking about theory. I’m referring to exact strategies. You see me log into each resource then I teach you exactly how to utilize each one to it’s fullest potential.

You won’t be left in the dark. You’ll have me holding your hand and walking you through each resource step by step. By the time I’m finished, you’ll be a pro at utilizing each one to drive incredible traffic to your websites.

But… I Go One Step Further… I Show You How To BYO and Create Forever Traffic

What does this mean? It means once I show you a resource, I then show you how to scale it to create 10x, 20x or even 100x more traffic utilizing the same type of traffic. In essence, I teach you how to think for yourself and create your own rolodex of high quality traffic resources that you can turn to anytime you want. It’s like turning on a faucet of traffic which you 100% control. It doesn’t get any easier or better than this.

This is what makes the BYOT Traffic System better than anything else on the market. It makes you self-sufficient and gives you the knowledge and power to create traffic at will. What is that really worth?

“Armand Morin’s BYOT Course Is Awesome!”

I have taken many Internet marketing courses over the years and so I am quite surprised whenever I see anything completely new. In BYOT, totally new, powerful, and straightforward concepts, methods, and tactics, came one after another, after another, after another, demonstrating exactly how to drive unlimited, profitable traffic.

Presentation of the material was also exceptional. Armand’s light-hearted but matter-of-fact delivery, and his obviously superior knowledge of the subject matter, led to a learning experience that was captivating, fun and extremely effective. Beyond all this and perhaps most importantly in BYOT, Armand teaches you how to think and act so as to become totally independent in your ability to drive as much traffic as you want, wherever you want, whenever you want.

If you were to ask me if you should take the course, I would say based on more than 20 years of successful business experience, definitely take BYOT right now! It will amaze and profit you to do so!

Paul Mannone

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You read it correctly. When you place your order right now today, I’ll give you access to 3 amazing bonuses worth $441.00. This isn’t some inflated number or products that are of low value, these are products I’m selling right now online for the real dollar amounts I’m listing them for. But, you get them 100% FREE TODAY when you order BYOT.


Bonus Gift #1 – FAME (FaceBook Advertising Made Easy) – 5 Hours – $197.00

This is my brand new flagship FaceBook training. I’ll admit it. I’m a geek when it comes to FaceBook advertising. I’ve learned their system inside and out. I’ve discovered how to advertise effectively to the billion people on Facebook and I will show you exactly how.

In this training I teach literally EVER SINGLE FACEBOOK AD STRATEGY THERE IS. This by far, is the most comprehensive course ever created on FaceBook Advertising. I’ve seen the others on the market and they don’t even come close to what is in this course.

Did I mention you get this $197.00 course for FREE today when you order BYOT? Yup, you get it for FREE TODAY!


Bonus Gift #2 – TubeSyphon (Get #1 On YouTube!) – 2 Hours – $47.00

You’ll also receive my TubeSyphon course which I sell for $47. Imagine if you could get every single one of your YouTube videos to the #1 spot on YouTube. That would be crazy wouldn’t it? What if I told you, I created a simple system which forces YouTube to give you exactly what you want. I’ve taken a video live in front of an audience, uploaded it and then ranked #1 on YouTube in only 5 minutes. Right in front of their eyes I ranked a video at #1 and they even chose the topic. It’s easy when you know my secret system.

Not only do I show you how to rank the videos. I show you my easy method to create the videos. You’ll be able to create extremely effective videos in about 3 minutes. I’m not kidding. In only 3 minutes, you’ll have a video to put up on YouTube and it will start driving traffic back to your website.


Bonus Gift #3 – SEO Course (Rank #1 on The Search Engines) – 5 Hours – $197.00

If all of that wasn’t enough. I’ll take you inside my own websites and show you exactly how to rank your websites at the top of the search engines. It’s true I can take just about any website and rank it in the top positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo at will. It’s not magic, it’s the fact that I’ve learned the art of SEO, but I do it in a way which make most people’s head spin. You see, I don’t believe in backlinks and all the other nonsense which most the so-called seo gurus talk about. My method is so simple even a child could do it.

I’ll show you what I do, the plugins I use and several case studies of websites I’ve done this with. In fact, once my sites reach #1 status they stay there. I have sites ranked #1 on Google for over 5 years and still counting. You’ll learn exactly how I do it and how you can do it too.

 That’s $441.00 In Real World Bonuses, An Additional 12 Hours of
Pure Traffic Generating Information You Get Right Now, Today!

“This Course Is Valuable… Priceless Even!”

BYOT is an extremely comprehensive course for increasing traffic to any website. Armand shares his very own top advertising sources to drive traffic. Watch over his shoulder as he maneuvers to various advertising site. He will take you step-by-step, showing precisely the best way to use each site, sharing his strategies to get the biggest return on your investment.

Not only does Armand share his best advertising sources, he also teaches you how and where to find a never ending supply of the most current advertising opportunities.The best part is that Armand is not teaching theories on how to increase traffic; he actually shares the exact techniques he uses every day to drive traffic to his sites.

This course is valuable, priceless, even. I highly recommend BYOT to drive an endless stream of traffic to any website!

Laurren Schmoyer

So The Question Is… What Does It Cost To
Start Getting Unlimited Traffic To Your Websites?

Remember, we’re talking a total of 18 hours of hard core traffic training. This is not your typical traffic training system your mother told you about. In fact, I’ll match this against any traffic course on the market and I’ll know it will come out on top every single time. Why… because this system works!

Here’s what you’ll receive… 

  • BYOT Traffic System 6 Hours
  • BONUS: FAME (FaceBook Advertising Made Easy) 5 Hours
  • BONUS: TubeSyphon (YouTube Marketing System) 2 Hours
  • BONUS: SEO Course (Get Top Search Engine Rankings) 5 Hours

That’s 18 Hours of Traffic Generating Information For Only $497 Today!


Start Today and Get Unlimited Traffic FOREVER!

YES! I Want To Learn How To Drive Unlimited Traffic To My Websites! I understand Armand will teach me how to be self-sufficient and teach me his traffic methods so I can get INSTANT TRAFFIC and also get UNLIMITED TRAFFIC anytime I want. I want in right now!