Trump’s Apprentice Is Unfair


Ok, I admit it… I’ve fallen under the spell of reality shows. One of my favorites is Donald Trump’s Apprentice. Probably because it’s about business and the crazy things people will do for money. You have to admit, some of the things are pretty funny. Especially how people interact with one another in a high pressure situation.

The Apprentice is Totally Unfair!

Each time I’ve watched it, like you I’m sure you’ve instantly become an "Armchair MBA" and have come up with 1001 ways in which the objective could have been better done. It’s always easier sitting on the sidelines isn’t it?

I began to think one day… why are these people making the most basic marketing mistakes week after week. It suddenly dawned on me… the reason is because…

The tasks are designed for entrepreneurs!

Each task is "The Don" gives is usually entreprenurial in nature. It maybe starting a business from scratch, marketing a product or even designing it.

The problem is… these people ARE NOT ENTREPRENEURS!

In fact, they are no where near this in most cases. Think about it, you take Lawyers, College students, Office people and try to instantly get them to think differently.

Most of these people are used to being TOLD what to do. They are not used to thinking for themselves. They have always worked for someone else and didn’t have to think on their own.

They are even applying for a position to work for someone else and will be told what to do. Doesn’t make sense does it? It’s kind of like leading sheep to slaughter. There isn’t much chance, but then again, that makes great TV doesn’t it?

What can you learn from this?

First thing is this… when you start your own business, you need to start thinking differently. In your own business, you personally affect the outcome of your profits with every decision you make.

Secondly you need think from the consumer point of view. The fact is, your opinion doesn’t matter. You are not your consumer. The consumer will dictate if your marketing campaigns work or not. The consumer will tell you if your product is a hit or not. The consumer will tell you if your product is over priced or not. Are you starting to get what I am saying?

Thirdly, the underlying message… you will never get rich by working for someone else. This I hope you know. Yes, Mr. Trump gives up $250,000 or should I say NBC does, but really… is that rich? It’s a good income for most people, but far from rich.

In order to be in control of your life, you need to be in control of your finances. Starting point one, is your income. In your own business you determine what your worth is.

I can guarantee you are worth a lot more than what you think you are. To prove my point… look at the price of your products. Most of the people on the ‘net underprice their products thinking a lower price will mean more sales. I’ve found out that higher prices in relation to my competitors are best.

Why? People feel they get what they pay for. I can usually see a 30% or more increase in sales just by raising my prices.

If you are a coach, raise your hourly rate. I started initially charging people $250 per hour for my time to coach them. I now charge between $1000 and $5000 an hour depending on the topic and people happily pay it. I’m not saying you should start out with rates like mine, but don’t be afraid to charge more… you are worth it.

Want to double your income in 24 hours?

Double your prices! It doesn’t get any more simple than this.