What’s the Next Logical Step?

Ask Myself, “What’s the Next Logical Step?” – Armand’s 50 Things: Thing 21

What I mean by this is, let’s assume that someone purchased my product. If someone purchased my product, what would be the next logical step for them?

What else would they want to buy?

Why would I ask myself that question? The value of any customer is not in the one-time purchase but when they come back and buy over and over.

It’s called having a backend to your business. A backend should be products that are logical and make sense with what your customer already bought. If they have bought one thing, and it helped them, then they would be much more likely to buy something else that I offer as long as it makes sense.

Again, I’d ask myself what’s the next logical step for them? If I can provide it, great! That gives me an opportunity to make more money from each client. If I can’t provide it myself, I could do a joint venture or find an affiliate product to promote to give them that next logical step.