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Seminar Marketing Training

Create Your Own Profitable Seminars

My seminar marketing program teaches you everything and then some about conducting your own seminar business.


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My new Seminar Marketing program Teaches you everything you need to know  about conducting your own seminar and workshops. It contains secrets many of the experts don’t even know.

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Inside you'll learn...

    • Anyone Can Do It - YOU TOO can conduct highly profitable seminars. The experts would like you to believe that seminars can only be conducted by highly trained professionals with deep pockets...that is total bunk.
    • This Is Not Rocket Science - You do NOT need to be a big name to do seminars. I was a virtual unknown when I started my, now legendary, "Big Seminar" series which went on to set the standard for seminars.
    • Don't Make These Costly Mistakes - I lay out step by step how to chose the correct city, correct time of year and even how to chose the correct hotel. Not knowing these secrets could bankrupt you.
    • Solo Or Guest Speakers - Are you planning on having guest speakers? I reveal the pros and cons between having a solo event, where you're the only speaker and having guest speakers.
    • Speakers For Free - Don't pay a fortune for paid speakers. I have never paid  speakers to talk from my stage. I show you how to get expert speakers for free, how to compensate them and what to include in the contract.
    • Don't Leave Money On The Table - The hotels and convention centers are open to negotiation...If you know the secrets. They do NOT want you to know the secrets I reveal in Seminar Marketing.
    • Don't Let Them Nickle and Dime You To Death - Hotels and Convention Centers make money by offering you additional services. These services come at a premium price. I reveal the secrets to what you need and what you don't need.
    • Don't Let Them Cheat You - When hotels provide you with services, supplies etc. they have their own unique way of tracking and charging you for them. Believe me it is not in your favor. I tell you exactly how to protect yourself.
    • Meeting Room Secrets - The meeting room layout is critical to your bottom line. Get it wrong and you will lose money. I show you step by step exactly how to lay out the room to encourage sales.
    • Biggest Mistakes - Learn from the mistakes others make. I have conducted seminars and attended seminars for over two decades. I've seen it all. I well spare you the pain and reveal the costly mistakes others have made.

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If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product, we'll be more than happy to refund your money in its entirety. There's no reason not to buy this product, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make the decision today.

Just Some of What You'll Learn Inside This Amazing Seminar Training

  • This Is Not Rocket Science

    Anyone can do this and make money. I take you step-by-step and reveal the secrets to success as well as the pitfalls to avoid.

  • You Have The Power - Use It

    The Hotels need your business. I reveal the negotiating secrets that hotels wish you didn't know. They hate me for revealing these secrets!

  • Get Big Name Speakers For Free

    I reveal how it's easy to get big name experts to speak on your stage...for free! I have never pay speakers and they beg to be on my stage.

  • Don't Let Them Cheat You Out Of Money

    Hotels will overcharge you for just about everything. I show you exactly how to make them accountable to you. This will save you money!

  • Set Up The Room For Sales

    Most seminar promoters miss this one. I show you tried and proven methods for setting up the room to drive sales.

  • The Secret To Collecting The Money

    This may sound like a no brainer but there are secrets to collecting the money and timely processing of the event sales.